Technology and Industry

The University of Arizona develops tools for the detection, real-time sensing, and remediation of water pollutants, and creates new technologies for water treatment, reuse, and management. Industry partnerships help UA water experts pilot new technologies in the fields of sustainable mining, biofuel production, water-efficient manufacturing, and defense and security.

Technical innovation drives many of the world’s advancements on the issues of water scarcity, contamination, and efficient use. At the University of Arizona, faculty from the departments of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences, Geosciences, and others work with industry and commercial stakeholders to advance our understanding of subjects related to hazardous waste remediation, water reuse, environmentally sustainable mining, emerging contaminants, and hydrologic systems modeling. Industrial firms in Arizona draw on research being performed at UA-affiliated centers and study sites to develop new devices and methods for improving water quality and commercializing water treatment and reuse technologies.

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Dr. Shane Snyder describes the multidisciplinary water technology research being carried out at the University of Arizona and its industrial applications