Environmental Systems

The University of Arizona researches how water cycles through natural and engineered environments in order to increase our understanding of how environmental systems interact and how they can be managed.

The resolution of our region and world’s many environmental challenges requires an analysis of the natural science processes driving environmental systems. To build a comprehensive understanding of these processes, University of Arizona researchers study subjects ranging from global biogeochemical cycles and pollution dynamics to the modeling of hydrologic flows and sediment transport. Experts from the fields of Plant Sciences, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology develop the environmental systems data needed by policy-makers as they make important policy and resource management decisions. Research centers unique to the University of Arizona such as the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research and Biosphere 2 advance critical scientific knowledge and provide specialized learning opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

Below you will find contact information and resources relevant to your interests in environmental systems at the University of Arizona
Dr. Jon Chorover highlights hydrologic research at the University of Arizona and the importance of environmental systems science in water policy and management