Maria Reyes Sierra-Alvarez

Co-director, Center for Environmentally Sustainable Mining; Director, Environmental Engineering Graduate Studies Program; Professor
(520) 626-2896
Dr. Sierra’s research focuses on the investigation and development of processes relying on microorganisms for the treatment of hazardous contaminants. Ongoing research projects include the following: (1) Bioremediation of nitro-aromatic explosives; (2) Degradation of perfluorinated compounds; (3) Innovative processes for the biological removal of nitrogen in wastewater (Anammox); (4) Bioremediation of metals and metalloids in mine-impacted water; (5) Biotechnology methods for the recovery of critical metals; (6) Toxicity and environmental fate of engineered nanomaterials; (7) Methods for the removal of engineered nanoparticles in semiconductor effluents; (8) Fate of electronic waste in municipal waste landfills