Lianyang Zhang

Associate Professor
(520) 626-0532
Dr. Zhang studies Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering: Three-dimensional (3D) multi-scale characterization of rock fractures; Evaluation of mechanical and hydraulic properties of jointed rock masses; Development of Rock Expert System (RES) for evaluation of rock properties; and Enhancement of reservoir (oil, water, and thermal) production in rock. Sustainable Geotechnics and Geoenvironmental Engineering:ˇ Recycling and utilization of fly ash, mine tailings and construction and demolition (C&D) wastes through geopolymerization; Geotechnical safety related to underground compressed air energy storage (CAES); Effective remediation of contaminants in jointed rock masses; and Geotechnical analysis and design of landfills. Deep Foundations: Piles (especially drilled shafts socketed into rock) under different loading conditions. Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering: Dynamic properties of soils and rocks; Prediction and mitigation of liquefaction and subsidence of soils under earthquake loading; and Stability of rock slopes under earthquake loading