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Academic Programs and Degrees

Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering |
   Undergraduate: Biosystems Engineering (B.S.)
   Graduate: Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering (M.S., M.S. Accelerated, Ph.D.)

Agriculture and Resource Economics
   Undergraduate: Agriculture Economics and Management (B.S.); Environmental and Water Resource Economics (B.S.)
   Graduate: Agriculture and Resource Economics (M.S.)

Atmospheric Sciences
   Graduate: Atmospheric Sciences (M.S., Ph.D.); Hydrometeorology (M.S., Ph.D.)

Chemical and Environmental Engineering 
   Undergraduate: Chemical Engineering (B.S.)
   Graduate: Chemical Engineering (M.S., Ph.D.); Environmental Engineering (M.S., Ph.D.)

Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics | 
   Graduate: Water Resources (M.Eng.)

Geography and Development
   Undergraduate: Geography (B.A., B.S.); Regional Development (B.S.); Environmental Studies (B.A.)
   Graduate: Geography (M.A., Ph.D., Ph.D. Minor); Geographic Information Systems (M.S.); Development Practice (M.D.P.)

   Undergraduate: Geosciences (B.S.)
   Graduate: Geosciences (M.S., Ph.D., Ph.D. Minor); Economic Geology (PSM)

Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs (GIDP)
   Graduate: Arid Land Resource Sciences; Global Change (Ph.D. Minor); Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis (Ph.D. Minor)

Hydrology and Water Resources | 
   Undergraduate: Environmental Hydrology (B.S.); Water Resources (B.S.);  General Hydrology (Minor); Geohydrology (Minor);    Water Resources (Minor)
   Graduate: Hydrology (M.S., Ph.D.); Terrestrial Hydrometeorology (M.S., Ph.D.); Hydrology (Ph.D. Minor)

Natural Resources and the Environment | 
   Undergraduate: Natural Resources (B.S.)
   Graduate: Fisheries Conservation and Management (M.S., Ph.D.); Natural Resource Studies (M.S.); Water, Society, and Policy    (M.S.); Watershed Management and Ecohydrology (M.S., Ph.D.)

Soil, Water, and Environmental Science | 
   Undergraduate: Environmental Science (B.S., see website for focuses); Environmental Sciences (Minor); Soil and Water    Sciences (Minor)
   Graduate: Environmental Science (M.S.); Soil, Water, and Environmental Science (M.S., Ph.D.)

University of Arizona Research Gateway

   Research Gateway - provides publications and research information from the university

Water-related Research Facilities

Agricultural Research Centers
   Maricopa Agricultural Center
   Yuma Agricultural Center

Other Research Centers
   Arizona Laboratory for Emerging Contaminants
   Arizona Meteorological Network
   Arizona Remote Sensing Center
   Biosphere 2
   Dean Carter Binational Center for Environmental Health Sciences (U.S.-Mexico Binational Center for Environmental    Sciences and Technology)
   Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
   Underwood Family Sonoran Landscape Laboratory (Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture)
   Water and Energy Sustainable Technology (WEST) Center
   Water Quality Center Lab (Water and Environmental Technology Center)
   Water Resources Research Center

Research Groups

   Arid Lands Resource Sciences
   Climate Science Applications Program
   Ecohydrology and Hydrometeorology Lab
   Environmental Biogeochemistry Group
   Environment, Exposure Science and Risk Assessment Center (Public Health)
   International Water Security Network blog
   Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
   Landscape Evolution Observatory (LEO) at Biosphere 2
   Santa Catalina Mountains & Jemez River Basin Critical Zone Observatory (Soil, Water and Environmental Science)
   School of Natural Resources and the Environment
   Water and Energy Sustainable Technology (WEST)
   Water Research And Planning Innovations for Dryland Systems (RAPIDS)
   Water Resources and Policy Group
   Water Resource Management (Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering)

Student Research

Learn about Water Sustainability Program Fellows’ research projects:


   More WSP Fellows' research
   UA Theses and Dissertations (searchable databases)

Student Clubs & Organizations

   Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - University of Arizona
   Engineers Without Borders-USA University of Arizona Student Chapter
   Global Public Health Brigades
   Global Water Brigades
   Hydrology and Water Resources Students Association
   Soil, Water, and Environmental Science (SWES) Club
   Thirst Project at the University of Arizona
   Students for Sustainability - HydroCats water harvesting project
   Students for Sustainability - Water Committee
   More student clubs